Reacties op de apotheose van de Bevriedinge 3

Niet zonder trots vermelden we dat onze klasspaces werden opgenomen in de website van het oorlogsmuseum van Canada!  Te bekijken via


Ook uit Canada kwam tenslotte nog deze mooie brief:


Hello Rudolf, teachers, pupils,



My name is Jack Simison and I was a member of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons. 



Russ Kennedy has sent me 6 messages containing pictures of the liberation of BE which you had sent to various ex-Dragoons.


The Staghounds are beautiful and remind me of when I commanded one as a Sergeant in A Sqn and RHQ. My RHQ Stag was Z3 and when the CO was not in it, it was "all mine" !



We have a Stag in our local museum here in Ottawa,  but it does not compare to the superb restorations that exist in Hollandand I guess in Belgium.


It is always heartening to see how people like yourself keep the memories alive for us old vets. And we sincerely thank you  for your efforts.



George Hoffman and I are still close comrades and keep in touch regularly, even though we live thousands of miles  apart : He in British Columbia, and me in Ontario. Russ Kennedy and I also chat on email as well as does Herb Schuppert.



I have enclosed two pictures of myself : one entitled "Now " and the other "Then". 



                                                Ubique Honor et Equis.           

                                                     Jack Simison   

                                         ex-Sgt. 12th Manitoba Dragoons


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